Mackenzie Koch

Mackenzie Koch

Front Desk Manager

7 year with Bona Terra Salon

11 years in salon administration

Why Bona Terra? “I was drawn to Bona Terra because of the fresh energy and the goals and aspirations of the owner. I stay at Bona Terra because of the strong connections I have made with these amazing women. I love going to work everyday and watching Bona Terra grow into one of Kansas City’s best salons.”

Why Aveda? As a vegetarian and an advocate for all things plant based and animal friendly, Aveda is a must. They opened their patent on the first aerosol hairspray manufactured from 100% wind power, so every beauty company had the knowledge to make their products earth friendly. Also, they are cruelty free and people tested.

About Mackenzie: “I love being a day maker in an environment that is fun, friendly and professional. My goal is to make every guest that comes into the salon not only feel welcome but appreciated and accepted.”

I’ve always loved the work environment of a salon. I love that everyone is always in a good mood when they come in. I also love working and being a part of something bigger than myself.